Piezoelectric Actuators / PZT Ceramics, Piezo Stacks

P-882 – P-888
PICMA® High Performance, High-Endurance Monolithic Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuator. Ceramic - Encapsulated for Longer Lifetime.

P-840 · P-841
P-840 and P-841 Preloaded Piezoelectric Translators for Static and Dynamic Applications

P-601 Flexure-Guided Actuator with PICMA®: High Performance Piezo Actuators, Ultra-Straight Motion, High Positioning Accuracy

OEM Drive for High Volume Applications

PICA™ Stacked Actuators PICA™ Stacked Actuators: Ultra-High Reliability, High Displacement, Low Power Requirements

PL022 · PL033 · PL055 PICMA® Chip Actuators: Long Lifetime and High Performance—Ideal for Dynamic Operation

P-876 DuraAct™ flexible patch transducers offer the functionality of piezoceramic materials as sensors and actuators as well as for electrical charge generation and storage.

Performance of Ultra-Compact Piezo Motor Linear Motor Slides
PL112 – PL140
PICMA® Bender Actuators: Longer Lifetimes Both in Static and Dynamic Operation, Even in Harsh Environments

P-242 · P-243 · P-246 · P-247 Preloaded, Ligh-Load Piezo Actuators for Static and Dynamic Applications

N-310 OEM Piezo Stepping Drives with Long Travel Ranges
N-310 NEXACT™ Mini Linear Piezo Motor is ideal for high-precision positioning over long travel ranges.

RodDrive: Integrated High-Speed Piezo Motor Actuator

PI offers the largest selection of research- and industrial-reliability Piezoelectric Actuators, PZT Translators (linear actuators), Piezo NanoPositioning Systems and Piezo Tip/Tilt Mirrors (Active Optics) worldwide. We have more than 30 years experience in design and manufacture of piezo actuator products.

Piezoelectric Translators (PZTs) are solid state (ceramic) actuators that directly convert electrical energy into motion (mechanical energy). Advantages of PI's Piezoelectric PZT Actuators include:

  • Ceramic-Encapsulated for longer lifetime
  • Sub-nanometer resolution
  • Zero stiction/friction
  • Zero backlash
  • Very high stiffness (up to 2,000,000 N/mm for 20µm actuator)
  • No wear and tear
  • Fast response (sub-millisecond)
  • Widest range, highest quality of piezo actuators world wide (>10,000 different piezo configurations)
  • Low voltage (100 V) and high voltage (1000 V) versions
  • Optional integrated position feedback sensors for Closed-Loop operation and non-linearity compensation
  • Ultra high vacuum, low temperature, and high temperature options available
  • Wide selection of piezo electronics (amplifiers, position servo controllers, computer interfaces), and software
  • OEM and custom designs
Piezo Actuator Overview for the Piezo Selection Guide.

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