Sub-Nanometer Sensor, Capacitive Displacement Gage

Capacitance Sensors
Capacitive Position Sensors
(Capacitance Sensors)

The PI Capacitance Sensors can measure ranges up to 1000 µm with up to 10 picometer resolution. Special electronics developed by PI improve the performance of previously available capacitance sensors by using the Integrated Linearization system (ILS) that provides superior linearity. Features include:

  • Highest resolution (<0.01 nm) of commercially available displacement sensors.
  • Measuring ranges to 1000 m
  • Extremely high long term stability (<0.1 nm / 3 hours).
  • Up to 10 kHz bandwidth
  • Invar versions for highest temperature stability (5 X 10-6 / °K)
  • Stand-alone and modular electronics
  • Standard electronics for position servo control with PI piezo actuators/systems.
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