Nanopositioning Systems, Piezo Systems:
High Stability Flexure-Guided
Piezo Positioning & Scanning Stages

Nanopositioning Systems Piezo Stage, Examples

Compact Single Axis Stages for Cost Sensitive Applications
Compact Nano-Positioning
Piezo stage for

Scanning Microscopy Stages with Clear Aperture
Scanning Microscopy Piezo Stage
with Clear Aperture

Multi-Axis Stages, Parallel Kinematics / Parallel Metrology
Multi-Axis Piezo Stage, Parallel
Kinematics / Parallel Metrology /

Z-Axis Microscopy Piezo Stage
High-Resolution Sample Positioning
and Scanning
Closed-Loop Single-Axis Stages with Direct Metrology
Closed-Loop Single-Axis
Piezo stage
with Direct Metrology

Objective Nanofocusing Stages
PIFOC Z-Stack Acquisition Objective Nanofocusing Piezo Stage

6-Axis Parallel Kinematics Stages
6-Axis Parallel Kinematics
Nano-Metrology Piezo Stage

High Power PIFOC Objective
Z & Low Cost Stages with Aperture
Low Cost Stages with Aperture:
P-612: 100x100Ám,

Z & Tip Tilt Stages
Z & Tip Tilt Nano-Positioning Stages

Custom Stages
Custom Nano-Positioning Stages

XY Microscope Stage:
Fast, Low Profile and
Large Aperture with Direct
Position Measurement

PI offers the largest selection of research- and industrial-reliability Piezo Actuators, Translators (linear actuators), Piezo Systems (Piezo Stages) and Fast Steering Mirrors (Piezo Optics) worldwide. We have more than 30 years experience.

The PI piezoelectrically driven EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) cut flexure stages offer displacement ranges of 5 to 2000Ám (rotation to several mrad) and limit out plane motion to sub-nm/sub-arcsecond deviation/tilt. Most of the our piezo flexure stages can be fitted with the latest generation capacitive sensors which provide resolution and repeatability better than 1 nanometer. Features of the PI piezo flexure stages include:

  • Single and Multi-Axis Systems up to 6 Degrees of Freedom
  • Single Module Parallel-Kinematic Multi-Axis Systems with Large Aperture
  • Ultra-Fast Response
  • Advanced Control Techniques for Fastest Possible Settling
  • Optional Integrated Position Feedback for Closed-Loop Operation and Non-Linearity Compensation
  • Step or Continuous Operation: Step Response in Low Millisecond Range
  • Optional Integrated Capacitive Displacement Sensors with <1 nm Accuracy
  • OEM and Custom Designs

Why All Piezo Positioning Systems are Not Created Equal

Examples of Flexure-Guided Nano-Positioning Piezo Stages

P-527 Nano-Positioning Stage

Piezo Nano-Positioning Selection Guide

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