Ultra-Low Inertia Hexapod Micropositioning Systems
(6 Axis Parallel-Kinematics)

PI is the leading manufacturer of precision Hexapod Robotic Systems for Optics Alignment, Micro-Machining, Handling, Photonics Alignment Engines, Medical Robots and other ultra-precise applications. PI has more than 15 years of Hexapod experience, and offers a great variety of standard and custom designs and hundreds of units in the field.

Advantages of Low-Inertia 6 DoF Hexapod Parallel Kinematics over "Stacked" multi-axis designs:
  • 90% Reduced Inertia (6 Actuators Move Only One Lightweight Platform) = Significantly Improved Dynamic Behavior
  • Higher Stiffness, Higher Resonant Frequency
  • Random Pivot Point Set by One Software Command
  • True Path Control
  • Reduced Position Error Accumulation
  • Reduced Runout Errors
  • Higher Precision Multi-Axis Moves
  • Linear and Rotary Multi-Axis-Scans
  • Smaller Package Size
  • Six Degrees of Freedom
  • NO MOVING CABLES (Improved Precision and Reliability)
  • Download the Hexapod Catalog

More Information on Paralllel Kinematics

High-Load Hexapod Robots, the Photonics
Alignment Engines and several High-Speed Voice Coil Driven Scanners

PI Hexapod Product Examples

M-850 Hexapod

M-850 Highload Hexapods
M-824 Vacuum-Compatible Hexapod

M-824 Vacuum Compatible
M-840 HexaLight Hexapod

M-840 Hexalight
F-206 Micro-Hexapod

F-206 Mini Hexapods
F-206 Micro-Hexapod

Active Secondary Hexapod with Tip/Tilt Mirror

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Talk to one of our PI Application Engineers for your custom or standard solution at

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949-679-9191 (WEST)

Or see our Online Catalog for specifications and other PI micropositioning & nanopositioning products.

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